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Dancing Through a Slow Apocalypse

by Meadow Argus

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Is That You? 02:31
Dance! And four Is that you!? I like to Dance Is that you? Come on! Dancing Everybody sing Now Dancing Nice Dance! And four Is that you? I like to dance Come on! Dancing Everybody sing Nice
No Company 03:12
Sit and stare through the kitchen window Wonder what might pass my way Clocks have stopped, no mind to me Time is free Catch the eye of a distant neighbour, It's been nine weeks since we spoke a word Watch the television news at six For a fix Sunlight streams through the open blinds Dust motes swirl in tepid air How I miss your soft touch In my hair Oh, it's so quiet No company Sound of my heart Is driving me crazy Hung a picture of you on the mantle Can't hide the crease across your face Sometimes tears flow unseen Down my cheek Just a single night with you again Just one minute, just one day Oh I wish we could be Close again
Sweetgrass 03:30
Daughter of creation Falling from the stars Original Instructions Elemental Sweetgrass Species are a lifeboat Shattered, coloured glass Joining earth to sky Sentimental sweetgrass Tenderness Between the braider and the braided Tenderness Between the story and the maker maker maker . Daughter in the warm earth Strawberries from her heart Searching for a handful Fundamental sweetgrass
Tiny Flames 03:31
A single chair Inside an empty room An open window To the night Scholars, monks and artists hold Tiny flames against the night Catch the sky For you and I Aaah ah aaaaah Aaah ah aaaaah Aaah ah aaaaah Aaah ah aaaaah My heart holds part of you A shooting star Unbound from eternity Ephemeral spark Across the sky
Could've been a fire fighter Or even an aeroplane pilot Could've been a lab technician Once I was a rock musician I was a conspiracy theorist Then an aspirational careerist Could've been a psychic healer Cos I was a blackjack dealer But I'm living here with you And it's all I want to do I'm your House husband House husband House husband House husband Wash the dishes, feed the cat Clean the windows, shake the mat Make the lunches, sweep the floor There's the bus, get out the door! I'm your House husband Could've been a field ecologist Even a leading urologist Could've been an archaeologist Maybe a celebrity proctologist Could've been an adult entertainer You'd've had me on a retainer Could've been an astrophysicist Your personal la lalalala lyricist
Sleep 03:24
I spend my days roaming lonely lanes, Where even the wind won't sing my name. Cut my teeth in ancient wars, Now I hide on the factory floor. Met a young girl with marks on her skin, Same colour as the dress she got from him. Left her asleep on the wooden floor, Showed that man damnation's door. Sleep, sweet sleep. Sleep little baby, sleep. Take a long, deep breath. Sleep, my darling, sleep. Turned my back, he cried and fled, Took my name, lay in my bed. Now he walks all on my roads, I lie in peace, no more will I roam.
Narrow streets at night Dimly lit by candlelight Draw the blinds Painted faces, dark Feathers, bones, and paper masks Join the line Lovers dance in rings (I may change this to 'neighbours') Deosil and Widdershins Fire-side Take a leaf from me Tell your secrets to the tree Let them fly On this night We take flight Dance with me 'til the day breaks Dance with me Ease my heartache Dance with me On the highest bough Dance with me Take me now Swallow down the sky Let the blackbirds out to fly Across the moon Sing us all your song We've been listening all along To your tune


released January 13, 2023

All titles written, arranged, and produced by Jevan Cole


Is That You? - Jevan Cole: Music, Michael Peterson: Lyrics

Recorded and Mixed at Argus Studios, Witta, Qld, Australia (2021 - 2022)

Instruments - Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar, Organ, Mini-Synthesizers, Drum Programming, Voices, Field Recordings.

With (in order of appearance):

Michael Peterson: Vocals, Vibraslap, and Squeeze Toys (1)
Annie Peterson: Vocals (2)
Ellie Dalton: Vocals (3, 7)
Tim Hall: Vocals (4, 7), Drum Loops (2, 3, 7)
Rob Longstaff: Vocals (6)
Mitch Ruggles: Banjo, and Bass Guitar (6)
Jem Dunlop: Fiddle (6)

Very special thanks to Tim Hall for extra production advice.

The cover art, “Dance of Death”, is a woodcut print by Hartmann Schedel from the book, “Chronicle of the World”, otherwise known as the “Nuremberg Chronicle”, first printed in 1493.


all rights reserved



Meadow Argus QLD, Australia

Handcrafted psychedelia from rural Australia.

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